300 billion coins collected in New Super Mario Bros. 2; New free DLC to celebrate!

by John "ANC" Barnes on

Continuing their recent habit of metaphorically jumping out of the bushes behind everyone, Nintendo put out a new Nintendo Direct Mini yesterday without any warning. Thankfully, nobody died, but wait, it gets even better. In the video, Nintendo Co., Ltd. President Satoru Iwata reminds 3DS owners that he’s been spying on them while they play games, and reveals that worldwide over 300 gold bullion billion gold coins have been collected in New Super Mario Bros. 2. Iwata goes on to state that in honor of this accomplishment Nintendo has put out Coin Rush Course Pack #6- Gold Classics Pack, and is making the downloadable content available for free from now until the end of January next year. On February 1st it will remain available, but at a cost of $2.50. The levels are fashioned after familiar stages from the original Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3, which Iwata states is due to fan feedback and popular demand, once again reminding everyone that he’s spying on them. Creepy x 3, Iwata.