Win a buttload* of Kid Icarus AR cards from Club Nintendo

by John "ANC" Barnes on

Nintendo is giving away 10 Core AR Card Sets for Kid Icarus: Uprising to ten people who register their copies of Kid Icarus: Uprising and fill out the registration survey by January 6th of next year. That’s like 4000 cards! That’s a lot of cards! If you’ve already filled out the survey then too bad there’s a simple checkbox to tick on your Club Nintendo page to indicate you want to enter the sweepstakes. And who doesn’t!

Of course, since lotteries are NOT ALLOWED you can also enter by sending in a 3×5 inch postcard as detailed in the official rules here (thanks, Obama!) Don’t send in a postcard if you’ve registered the game, though, as it’s only one entry per person and it’d be a shame to be disqualified; I know how much you want 400 Kid Icarus AR cards, and the answer is a lot.

*Not to be taken rectally.