Club Nintendo Shocker! New Crop of Downloadable Games Offer Up a Decent Selection!

by Ray on

Club Nintendo has had this sweet deal going for a while that allows members to use coins earned registering Nintendo product codes on actual video games rather than the type of paraphernalia more commonly found in Chinatown. For the most part selected titles have been restricted to stuff the majority of long time players wouldn’t bat an eyelash at but as you can tell from the headline and screenshot above, this isn’t the case at the moment. The N64 classic 1080 Snowboarding is up for grabs for a mere 150 coins as are three other selections each worth looking into. 1080 is a game that I spent a ridiculous amount of my un-prescribed medicinally medicated marijuana years playing as a teenager and it’s a lot of fun. Especially now since you can enjoy it in a slightly higher resolution with your hands wrapped around a GameCube controller. Also, if you burn some Nag Champa and listen to this track as you tear through the Golden Forest stage over and over again, shit gets really far ou-sorry? Oh right, what else is currently up for grabs:


Not bad, eh? Metroid II is one of those dark experiences in life that can obviously benefit from the inclusion of a 3DS save state. I understand Mario Party games are a lot of fun for some people and I’ve already downloaded and played through some of 3D Classics TwinBee which this site is currently pregnant with my opinion of and is due anytime now. Go buy some cigars.