Impressions: Trine 2 (Oh, You Pretty Thing).

Oh, You Pretty Thing

by Ray on

So, yeah. These are impressions instead of a full on review because constantly wiping drool off of my gamepad has made it a little rough to get very far in the game. Christ, this game is gorgeous. The background lighting and details make Muramasa‘s own look like some autistic 6-year old fucking around in flipnote. The basic setup is this: You control a trio of characters consisting of Gandalf, some chick archer and an armored knight (that looks a lot like the ones Link takes on in Wind Waker) on a platform puzzle-ridden sidescrolling quest to do something I guess. Like I said, I haven’t really made it that far. What’s really cool is that you can toggle between each of these guys on the fly. Tear apart some oncoming enemies using the knight’s sword, shoot open some ropes holding up a critical beam with that broad’s bow and arrow, or use the force with the wizard to create and strategically maneuver blocks that help you jump across chasms and whatnot. It’s really fun and clever but I can’t keep myself from starting my file over and over to savor every visual detail because again, this is one of the most flatout beautiful games I have ever seen. Here, have a look for yourself while I go hit a cold shower.

This game is 20 buck on the Wii U eShop and apparently 3 or less on PC since it has supposedly been around for a while. I have an active social life, so 20 sounds well worth it to me.