Heads Up: That Wii U Zombi Game and Fire Emblem on 3DS Have Free Demos Available Now!

by Ray on

So just hop into the eShop, pour yourself a drink or four and relax a bit while the downloads install and enjoy. I checked out the ZombiU demo a few nights ago and it was actually pretty cool. It kicks off with your character wandering through a creepy old nursery armed with nothing but a cricket bat or paddle or whatever the hell they’re called. It isn’t long before you cross paths with the undead and if you’re anything like me, wind up chomped on and infected. After that, you leap into a totally different person in a completely different area only now a bit more well equipped as you’ve got a hand gun at your disposal. I made it a bit further this time but still wound up a dinner stain after running into a zombie that was wearing swat gear. You read that correctly. The experience was brief but still enjoyable and I highly recommend having a look if you happen to be on the fence about picking this game up. If running around trying to re-murder people doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then maybe fire up the old 3DS and check out the demo for the new Fire Emblem game that has the underoos of nerds everywhere all in a bunch. Here, have a look at the most recent trailer courtesy of the internet why don’t you?

Woooot! Let’s hear it for uh…fantasy themed…turn based…strategy games.