Pikmin 3 Will Be “Balls Hard” Says The Saint Creator, Our Dark Lord Miyamoto.

by Ray on

In an interview over at some site I’ve never heard of, the legendary Shigeru Von Miyamoto the Red went on record regarding the upcoming third installment of his Pikmin franchise stating:

Our main aim in Pikmin 2 was to get rid of any stress as much as possible, so that it would be very user-friendly. Well, I myself couldn’t agree with that wussy wimp-chicken direction perfectly. That kind of nature of Pikmin 1 was exactly what I wanted to reproduce and I was actually intentionally doing so, so that Pikmin 1 could be a Man’s game.

Apparently the decision to return the series to the challenge level of its original entry was initially met with mild protest by his dev team. Miyamoto soon realized that not only was he forced with the task of creating a worthy follow up, long desired by grown nerds worldwide, he was also in the rather unusual position of reminding his employees who the fuck they work for. As he recalls:

Or I should say that half of my job at that time wasn’t just to talk, but rather to persuade them to understand what I intended to do and to agree to my idea:

This game should be balls hard.”

Could it be that Wii U owners have some horrific challenges on the horizon? Or perhaps something was lost in translation? We’ll find out Q2 2013.