Thursday’s Download: Super C Blasts Right Past the Original Contra and Onto the 3DS.

by Ray on

Once again Konami confuses the hell out of everyone by making a sequel to their NES classic available to download and not the original. The Wii’s virtual console has been home to both Super C (NES) and Contra III: The Alien Wars (SNES) for years and during that entire time and even now, the Contra that started it all has been M.I.A. Well, it looks as though matters will be no different for the 3DS as today welcomes the second installment in the run ‘n gun franchise to the portable’s eShop. My theory is that the first game’s absence has something to do with the infamous Konami code not working properly (just like what happened with the Icarus Fights Medusa Angels password for Kid Icarus) but who knows? If you’re lost right now and have no idea what the Konami code is, just poke your head inside a Hot Topic sometime. In any case, you can now either download this sequel to your 3DS machine for $4.99 or hunt down a copy of the excellent and relatively cheap Contra 4 for the DS which includes emulations of both Contra and Super C as unlockable bonus content. Just throwing that out there.

Several other notable releases are available now as well including Sega’s new puzzle-platformer The Cave which has been receiving solid to good reviews around the internet. But how about you go ahead and click here for more details straight from the people that get paid to do that sort of thing!