All Aboard, Let’s Go! The Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Hype Train Officially Pulls Out of the Station

by Ray on

Let’s face it: The big N really blew it by not having this spooky sequel ready in time for Halloween last year. Everyone knows that. The original Luigi’s Mansion for GameCube is essential October gaming not to mention a ton of fun and the torturous wait for this follow up has gone on long enough. Do you realize that this sucker was announced way back during Nintendo’s E3 presentation of 2011!? My God, there are plenty of poor people who watched that unveiling that are now dead or in prison. So with the official release date only about a month away, it’s time to start staring at the calendar while Nintendo once again flexes their legendary marketing savvy. Hitting the internet and presumably televisions across the country today is a new commercial that is so cool it damn near makes the 2 year wait worth it. ALMOST. It’s got a decidedly retro vibe happening and had me half expecting the old “Now You’re Playing With Power” slogan to shoot across the screen at the end, making me burst into tears in the process. Here, have a look for yourself and tell me you’re not more excited than ever to get back into the ghost-busting groove:

*Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will be released on March 24th of our Lord’s year Two Thousand and Thirteen AKA not soon enough.*