At Last! A Trine 2: Director’s Cut Update Corrects Those Hideous Visuals.

by Ray on

But that’s not all! This new patch also provides several other nifty features worth writing a post about I guess. Aside from fixing some bugs no one ever noticed and adding more detailed atmospheric effects, players can now hop online and through the magic of modern technology, run through the game and actually speak with other real life people using something called “voice chat”. The Wii U Pro controller is also finally supported which is great news since I’ve been dying to use mine for something…anything. And for those of you who have been clogging up the internet with petitions for the game to include a German voice track, well done. Your hard work did not go unnoticed and that truly odd wish has been granted. To install the update simply select the game from the Wii U menu and voila: It begins downloading automatically!

So whattaya say guys? Anyone want to fire this sucker up and fight over who gets to play as the female archer?