Thursday’s Download: No TalkMega Man 2.

by Ray on

For those of you keeping score at home, this is now the 1,2, 3, fourth way to play Mega Man 2 on a Nintendo platform. There’s the original cartridge released back in 1988 (NES), it’s included as part of that anniversary collection for the GameCube (slightly gimped controls and all) and is available to download from the original Wii’s Virtual Console. And yet despite the fact that I own each incarnation, I won’t bat an eyelash before buying this today because I’ve somehow managed to convince myself that I have a disposable income. Well, that and the fact that this is the first perfectly emulated portable incarnation ever. So congratulations long-time Tiger electronic enthusiasts: You can finally put that abomination of yours to bed. I guess it might seem a bit odd to be so excited about this hitting the 3DS Virtual Console considering it wasn’t given the 3D Classics treatment that it completely deserves, but hey: As a lifelong Nintendo loyalist I’ve come to borderline enjoy disappointment. No matter what, Mega Man 2 is a stone cold classic that is endlessly replayable and home to one of the most memorable 8-bit soundtracks of all time and all of you should probably just buy it (again) already. I can’t wait to plug some headphones into my system tonight and wake up with a severe bangover.

Requiem for a Bubble Man:
Oh *yes*. Now of course there are a few other games available today including a new 3DS *Brain Age* installment as well as the first full retail download *only* Wii U title. However I have yet to receive my full official list from Nintendo and my download just completed so have fun reading about those somewhere else.