Miiverse Can Now Be Accessed Through Any Web Browser. “Should Have Been There Since Day One” Says Internet Stupid Head.

by Ray on

Well, the headline says it all. Its now possible for Miiverse users to browse the feature anywhere the good old internet is available. Certainly not the most life altering event to come along but a welcome function as I can never run out of ways to kill time when I’m supposed to actually be working. The really cool part is that we have access to screenshots that we take in the games we play. I know this is something that has been easy to accomplish for years amongst more tech savvy nerds than I but hey, just let me do my thing. In fact, here…have a look at some shots I’ve taken these past few months:


One of my favorite parts of Batman: Arkham City is just finding cool spots to make awesome Batman “poses.” The above is one that I’m particularly pleased with.


Hey guys, the Pikmin mini-game in Nintendoland is just ok if you’re playing as Olimar but absolutely crack-like if you decide to play as one of the little guys. Hammer head for life.


There was no way I could pass up posting a “Never Forget” joke. I’m surprised the rather shrewd mods didn’t jump on that one.



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