Super Hang-On 3DS Trailer Hits the Internet Today. In Related News, Author Weeps With Joy.

by Ray on

I’ve yapped about my affection for this mind-blowingly addictive arcade racer from 1987 at length in the past. I love it more than I do most members of my immediate family. In fact, you can read the glowing full review that I threw together once it popped up on the Wii’s Virtual Console by clicking right here if you’d like. Since writing that, this is a game that I come back to regularly and is pretty much the sole reason my original Wii is still plugged in (it demands to be played with a WaveBird). So when I stumbled across the news that Sega was planning on releasing a 3D version of Space Harrier as part of the Virtual Console for Nintendo’s portable, my imagination instantly conjured up the possibility of seeing them give Super Hang-On the same treatment. I never thought it would actually happen though. It was one of those things that I simply wanted too much for it to ever become a reality yet holy shit, here it is. The game has been confirmed and will be available in Japan very soon. I don’t even care that so far there isn’t any concrete word on whether or not US owners will get the chance to play this awesome damn thing on the go (and in 3D for that matter). For whatever reason, I’m feeling pretty good about it probably happening and in the meantime plan on staring at this trailer about a dozen times a day.