Club Nintendo Update: “You Got Your RPG in My Mario Game!”

by Ray on

Buckle up people. As of right now Club Nintendo has a fresh crop of virtual console games with which to toss your hard earned coins at if you feel like it. Square’s SNES classic Super Mario: Legend of the Seven Stars is clearly the big name of this batch but its also a game that anyone interested enough probably already owns in one form or five. However if by chance you’ve somehow never heard of it until now, please, send us a comment detailing how the hell you found this website. Other titles to choose from include some weird WiiWare puzzler from 2008 called Ma-Bo-Shi’s Arcade (?), there’s Art Style: AQUIA (!?) for the 3DS as well as 3D Classics: Excitebike. The last of which was briefly offered as a free download for early adopters of Nintendo’s portable way before that whole ambassador program fiasco. I’m sorry, come again? Why aren’t there any Wii U virtual console games up for grabs? Well, I mean…uh technically you could spend the 200 coins to download that Mario RPG thingie with your U running in “Wii-mode” and play it that way if you want. It won’t be in HD of course and will be lacking off screen gameplay but if you got it now, in theory when the game does get upgraded you’d be able to redownload at the $1.50 discount price and HEY! Look over there!