“Conker” & Friends to play Conker’s Bad Fur Day, crack wise

by John "ANC" Barnes on

Nintendo 64 playthrough cheerfully unaffiliated with Rare, naughty language inevitable

Conker’s Bad Fur Day will soon be getting the director’s commentary treatment in a (series of, presumably) video(s) on YouTube. Teased for several weeks on Twitter, the project was officially announced a couple days ago via teaser trailer by Chris Seavor, BFD‘s director/designer and the voice of Conker (and Spinal in Killer Instinct), who is currently in the process of editing the first installment. Chris has gathered several of the former Rare staff who worked on the game alongside him, including composer Robin Beanland, gameplay programmer Mark Betteridge, technical programmer Chris Marlow, and programmer Shawn Pile, to join him for commentary and probably a bunch of swearing and laughing as he plays through the game they all built.

Conker’s BFD was very early in its life known simply as Conker 64 and later in development acquired the prefix title Twelve Tales. When the project was shaping up to be too similar to the Banjo-Kazooie games it was quietly taken out of the spotlight, eventually ending up in Seavor’s hands and re-emerging as a head-spinning, boozed-up, and sweary pisstake of the cutesy mascot platformers that were Rare and Nintendo’s bread-and-butter at the time. Given this history as well as Seavor’s history of outspokenness regarding his time with Rare, it promises to be a rather entertaining commentary.

Below: Three Flash cartoons that were made to promote the game ahead of its early 2001 release.