Hey, The Resident Evil Game That Came Out on 3DS Last Year Now Has A *BORP* Now Has A Free Demo Up For the Wii U Version!

by Ray on

Which actually has me really excited even though I played the F-wording S-word out of the portable original what, 16 months ago now? I gave that initial release a glowing review on my previous website which means a good old fashioned, hard and deep double dipping awaits me when the full version is released into the wild on May 21st. There are even some extra bits tossed in as an incentive for those like myself who are already intimately familiar with this game. New stages and side missions as well as finally being able to play as the hot piece of ass intriguing female character pictured above are more than enough to warrant giving Capcom some more money for something that you might already own. At least I think so. But don’t take my word for it, go on and download it and play for yourself. Or just watch a video clip of the demo below. You know what they say: A Youtube video is worth 167 words and 890 characters.