Thursday’s Download: I’m Getting So Sick Of Writing About Kirby.

by Ray on

Attention, weirdos out there burdened with the unhealthy desire to wrap your creepy little mitts around any and all things Kirby-related: Today’s list of releases for the Wii U’s Virtual Console reads like a greatest hits of the pink puffball’s 16-bit adventures.This means that not only is there a good chance you already own these titles in some form or another but that you also don’t care and will buy them again anyway. First up is Kirby’s Dream Course: A “golf simulator” that plays more like a really, really weird pool game. I downloaded this a long time ago for the original Wii in a drunken haze and didn’t play past that night so my opinion probably isn’t worth much. But if you want to hear it anyway I’d say this game is kind of lame-o. For a more traditional experience, Nintendo is also serving up Kirby Super Star as well as Kirby’s Dream Land 3. The former being a collection of smaller games who’s structure still has me scratching my head and the latter a critically acclaimed sidescroller that I’ve never played because I keep forgetting that I own it. These two are included in that awesome Anniversary Collection that came out for the Wii late last year (which I reviewed) so if you want to maybe save space on your puny little girly-man hard drive, that might be the option to go with. And speaking of lack of storage space, the full retail version of the 3DS remake of Donkey Kong Country Returns can now be download at the expense of $39.99 and a whopping 17,693 blocks! Anyone who’s played the original for Wii already knows what a great job Retro did reviving this long dormant franchise but is it worth buying again? Based on everything I’ve read, the answer is “Sure, I guess so.”