365 Days of Fame Rolls On. New Super Luigi U is Here!

by Ray on

And at $19.99 for yet another “New” platformer featuring recycled assets who’s primary feature is starring Luigi instead of Mario, who can say no? NOT ME BY GOD. If for whatever reason any of you weirdos that frequent a Nintendo fansite are still on the fence about downloading this game, here’s another incentive: You’ll get double the coins on Club Nintendo as well as placement into some drawing to win a special “Year of Luigi” pin. You heard that right, a damn pin. By the way if you don’t know how the internet works, click on that blue text to have a look at something you’ll probably never see in person. For those with more patience, there’s also a physical retail disc coming out in a couple of months that you can wait for which will feature an exclusive box! You know what? I’ll probably buy that too.

This is what a cry for help looks like.