Clear your schedule, Ray: Pinball Arcade Wii U timetable revealed

by John "ANC" Barnes on

16 table packs available at game launch

It’s been a while since there was last any news on the Wii U version of Pinball Arcade, FarSight Studios’ most glorious project since Color-A-Dinosaur, but there’s finally more to report, and it’s all becoming a bit more concrete. In a post on the official Pinball Arcade Facebook page today FarSight gave details on the status of all it’s various platform releases, and had this to say regarding Wii U:

Wii-U: The Beta build of our Wii-U Pinball Arcade release will enter internal test next week. It is scheduled for final submission to Nintendo in late July, and for release to customers in September. All of the tables in Table Packs 1 through 16 will be available on the Wii-U at launch.

So there you go! September! Assuming no major fuck-ups!

The post also details a similar timetable for the Steam release, as well as FINALLY bringing good news to long-suffering Xbox 360 players, who’ve been without new table releases since the publisher on that platform entered bankruptcy. That bankruptcy should end within the next 3 months, and with that all the backlog of table packs will be submitted to Microsoft, and offered in discounted Season Packs on release. PINBALL FOREVER!