Club Nintendo Update: Metroids, Tanooki’s and Nipples, OH MY.

by Ray on

Heads up people: Not only is your rent past due but its time to have a look at the new crop of Virtual Console titles available to be purchased with Club Nintendo coins. As usual there are some real gems here for those of you loyal enough to have a membership yet for God knows whatever reason never downloaded in the first place. Just in time for the warm Summer months, Nintendo’s rolling out 4 more cool retro titles to choose from. Yes that sentence hurt my own brain when it appeared and I left it in anyway. As you can see, the NES classic and arguably greatest entry in the entire series Super Mario Bros. 3 leads the charge with a mere 150 coin asking price. But what else is is up for grabs you ask? Well, let’s take take a look…


Why if it isn’t F-Zero X (N64), Metroid II: The Return of Samus (GB) and uh…Link ‘n logs Launch (?). Cool. F-Zero X is probably the standout what with the to this day impressive sense of speed it has going for it. Back in the late 90’s anything that ran at a silky smooth 60 fps without a hitch was a rarity and its still nice to behold even at the expense of detailed textures on the vehicles. I’d say this game is worth owning but only if you don’t happen to already have GX for the GameCube.

Metroid II: Return of Samus is an odd one though and hard to recommend for or against. I’ve never beaten it because the lack of color made it one serious bitch to navigate through but I’ve still been tempted by the inclusion of save states on this 3DS version. Maybe I’ll finally cave in and give it another shot sometime soon. But probably not.

And last and certainly least is Link ‘n Lau-Ah, who am I kidding, I have nothing to say about this game.

These can all be yours until June 30th.