Crowdfarting isn’t just for games- it’s also for wait what

Crowdfart My Part…y Game

by John "ANC" Barnes on

Nintendo may have only recently figured out how the Internet works (more or less) but they’re certainly making up for lost time. Between the regular Nintendo Direct streams and day 1 digital downloads of all of their published games on the 3DS eShop (Hey guys Animal Crossing: New Leaf is out today!) they’ve shown a willingness to exploit the unique benefits afforded to them with an online audience, and it appears they’re throwing their hat into the latest game industry Internet trend: begging for money from fans. Well, okay, it’s not Nintendo proper, but that greedy bastard Wario. No stranger to getting others to do the heavy lifting for him as evidenced in the premise of pretty much every WarioWare game, Wario has come up with a new page, Crowdfarter*, to raise coins/awareness for the upcoming Game & Wario on Wii U. Goals already unlocked include a set of computer wallpapers and a “badge”, with the next one being Wario’s voice as a ringtone and the final one being another trailer. Featuring more than 15 different small games/modes, Game & Wario comes out on June 23 for Wii U.

*Not to be confused with clownpenis.fart, which was already taken.