Encore! Samus, Link, and Mega Man merch getting a second run

by John "ANC" Barnes on

Three dolls, and two books in one

Take that, aftermarket! This September will see the re-release of several items that were gone before I even knew they were available and one I slept on a bit too long. Last year Japanese toy maker Max Factory put out two figures in its poseable Figma line that were based on Nintendo characters: Link, as depicted in Skyward Sword, and Samus Aran, sporting her look from Metroid: Other M. They also put out a non-poseable Zero Suit Samus figure that comes with a tiny Metroid, making 2012 a virtual deluge for Metroid merchandise compared to most. Fans took notice and snapped up preorders from import toy stores weeks before many even knew about the figures, but now the Slowpokes and non-importers among us will get a shot as this run is apparently also shipping directly to US hobby retailers. Preorders are open now for the September reissue of all three figures, with the two Figmas going for about $40 and Zero Suit WaluigiSamus setting you back about $80.

Arithmetic yo.

Also coming in September by sheer coincidence is MM25: Mega Man & Mega Man X Official Complete Works, a Mega Man 25th anniversary edition combined re-issue of two artbooks released a few years ago, one of which is still pretty easy to find and the other one… not so much. The new book clocks in at a hefty 432 pages, larger than the original two books combined, as it contains additional material, proving once again that while it doesn’t always pay to wait, it usually does. Amazon’s preorder price is under 40 American buckaroos, which is pretty great.

Oh, and Mega Man is in the new Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS that’s coming next year, so this is basically a Smash Bros. post, kind of, hooray!

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