Mid-Year Music Roundup

by Brandon on

The other day my friend asked “what music have you been listening to lately?” and I couldn’t give him a good answer. Maybe because we were playing videogames at the time and that activity rots your brain, but I think also because I’ve been too busy checking out new music that I haven’t stepped back to look at it in a big picture sort of way. So, being at the halfway mark of 2013 I wanted to do an album roundup for myself, but also for my buddy, and whoever else might be interested!

To put it simply: the following albums have multiple songs on my “Best of 2013” playlist, and the YouTube links are a handy way to give you a quick taste (some may be NSFW). Maybe there’s something you’ll like that you haven’t heard yet! Maybe not! That’s ok too!

Sorry, Vampire Weekend, I gave your new album three tries and it just isn’t doing it for me. We’re through.