MORE PINBALL NEWS?!?: Terminator 2 Kickstarter LIVE

by John "ANC" Barnes on

FarSight holds out the tin can once more

On the heels of yesterday’s platform release update, FarSight Studios today launched their previously hinted at Kickstarter campaign to bring Williams’ 1991 classic pinball machine Terminator 2: Judgment Day to Pinball Arcade. As with their two previous Kickstarters for tables featuring licenses, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Twilight Zone, the goal is to raise funds to acquire the necessary licensing for both the name, theme, and likenesses featured in the game, and it turns out Terminator 2 is so far the most expensive one they’ve gone after. Not too surprising, given the likeness featured is Arnold “The Muscles from Brussels” Schwarzenegger. The Star Trek Kickstarter raised $7000 more than FarSight needed for that game, though, so that’s been applied to T2, bringing the goal down to $59,000. Still a big chunk of change, but now that Xbox 360 and other platform players finally have hope for the game again, maybe doable. Shrewd timing, FarSight.

If funding for Terminator 2 is successful, the studio plans to next go after the great white whale, the Holy Grail of pinball licenses: The Addams Family.