Sengoku 3, the one you want, out on Wii VC

by John "ANC" Barnes on

Continuing a trend of bi-weekly releases that started almost a year ago, D4 Enterprise has dropped another Neo Geo game on the Wii Virtual Console today, doing their damnedest to keep the little bastard alive. Sengoku 3 joins the two preceding beat-em-ups in the series, which hit the Virtual Console months ago as part of this trend, and according to Hardcore Gaming 101 it is by far the superior entry and a great beat-em-up in its own right. This is partly due to it having very little at all in common with the first two games, being developed outside of SNK during that whole collapse period by a developer who modeled it on one of their own previous beat-em-ups. Among the highlights appears to be a combo system that allows for juggles. I may drop the 900 Wii points on this bad boy myself, after I check out some videos like the one embedded below, because tossing around an enemy’s inert body long after it has any effect on their living status is always good spectacle.