Wii U Virtual Console offering bonus coins for next three days

by John "ANC" Barnes on

Get a head start on the next Club Nintendo year

From today through Sunday, June 30th, if your Wii U is connected to your Club Nintendo account and you buy a Virtual Console game from the Wii U eShop, you’ll get a one-time bonus of 20 coins in your Club Nintendo account on July 1st, in addition to the 10 coin post-play survey that comes later. Pretty simple, really. I suggest Mega Man X. **UPDATE** Or get NES puzzle game Yoshi if there’s nothing you really want, since it’s only 30 cents as part of the Famicom anniversary promo thingy!

Oh, and you also have three days to register all those Club Nintendo codes you forgot you had lying around if you want a shot at whatever ~*secret prize*~ they’ve got in store for Platinum this year. I myself am going to have to settle for the Gold level and the annual desk calendar, but those are actually pretty neat so it’s all good.

Wii U Virtual Console Promo