No Nintendo System is Safe. Animal Crossing: New Leaf Invades the Wii U. Sort Of.

by Ray on

If Animal Crossing: New Leaf for 3DS has managed to leave you with enough time to lead a respectable social life, congratulations! This news isn’t for you. Via Nintendo Direct, good old “Sweet Cheeks” Iwata unveiled a real treat today for the few dozen of us North Americans that own a 3DS, copy of AC:New Leaf AND a Wii U in the form of Animal Crossing Plaza. A free download sporting some nifty free features that are all free. Once installed, you’ll enter a familiar feeling hub world that’s basically a spin on the Wii U’s Mii Plaza. Only this is featuring AC animals instead thus making it way better. You can get a bit closer to any of the little guys with a quick tap on the gamepad and be instantly zoomed into a menu which allows you to post a message about or “favorite” that particular creature. It’s cute stuff but in order to see what’s really fun about this application, you’ll need to select your own Mii. Now being able to edit your profile with details like your town name, favorite character and dream suite digits are nice, thoughtful inclusions sure. But what I really love is that you can also take the SD card from your 3DS, pop it into the Wii U and upload any in-game pics you’ve taken or QR codes of patterns you’ve made and share them with countless perverts and small children across the internet! Essentially, this whole system is one big elaborate portal to a dedicated New Leaf Miiverse thread and that’s just fine with me.

Here, have a look at some moving images with accompanying sounds:

Apparently this service will expire at the end of 2014 which I know is still pretty far off but it would be nice if there wasn’t a definite expiration date. Seeing these characters in HD is really striking and this app. is loaded with charm. I kind of like just having it on in the background because I’m fucking *weird*. Ah well. After spending a couple of hours getting all of the little details in order, I’ll definitely be checking into the *AC:Plaza* from time to time.

Mostly whenever its time to recharge my 3DS.