The Mario and Luigi: DREAM TEAM Game For 3DS That Looks Awesome is Out Now and You Should Go Buy It Probably!

by Ray on

Getting sick of this whole Year of Luigi thing? Too bad because he’s the star of yet another game hitting store shelves and the digital airwaves today (the internet works like a radio, right?). Mario and Luigi: Dream Team is the latest in a long running series of handheld RPG’s starring these two and features a pretty clever little mechanic. As far as I can tell, players manipulate a sleeping Luigi on the touch screen which will in turn alter the environment that Mario’s running around in on the top screen. Anyone familiar with making someone that’s passed out do things without them knowing should feel right at home here. Have a look at the commercial:

Looks fun! There’s a demo available to download now too which I guess I could have played before posting this to have a more informed article but hey, I’m not trying to win any awards here.