It’s Been Five Years Since The Dark Knight Came Out and Some Nerd Just Made This SNES Video Clip Thing.

by Ray on

Batman has a long history on Nintendo consoles. In fact in the past year or so I’ve reviewed his first NES adventure as well as the follow up for Super Nintendo if you’d like to read up on some of it. He’s been the star of titles released for just about every system ever made with adaptations of his various cartoon series and movies consistently hitting store shelves for nearly 3 decades now. But while film franchise lows such as Batman Forever and Batman and Robin received the pixelated treatment, why is it that Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight (the most commercially and critically successful installment) has never been made into a video game? Perhaps someone actually played Batman Begins for the GameCube and just said “fuck it”? Well, to tide us over until Arkham Origins hits the Wii U and 3DS next month, the internet delivers this brief clip imagining what TDK could have looked like had it been designed for the SNES. Yes, I said SNES. I don’t know why this is called 8-bit cinema when clearly these guys are using assets from A Link to the Past. Check it out:

Very cute but hey, I’ve got an idea: How about one of you dorks out there make a retro styled **Man of Steel** game using sprites from that [Superman piece of software that came out for the NES]( Y’know, the one you’ve spent a lifetime trying to forget.