Today’s Nintendo Direct Reveals A Confusing as Shit Payment Method For the Upcoming Wii Sports CLUB.

by Ray on

While most of the video is spent listening to Satoru’s broken Engrish trying to describe the new features of Wii U Fit (a game that no one will buy this holiday 2013), toward the end there’s a nifty unveiling of an all-new installment in the Wii Sports series. As you can see by the screenshot above, this aint your little sister’s Wii Sports as the graphics have been given a massive overhaul including all new…uh…wait. It looks exactly the same. Well, I guess nobody really played the original for the visuals so what’s new that we have to look forward to? Honestly, the main difference is that each sport will be sold separately in the Wii U’s eShop beginning November 7th. Tennis and Bowling will be the first two available and it sounds like the games will in fact be digital only. Wii Motion Plus is required and apparently you can go online and join “Clubs” to compete with regional or worldwide opponents. This is actually a very nice feature and one to be excited about since the internet didn’t exist back when the Wii launched in 2006. The price point is a bit weird though as it’s being broken up into day passes or a one time only payment to purchase the game forever. Is that right? I’ve watched this thing a couple times already and still don’t quite get it. Have a look for yourself:

I’m sure I’ll buy at least bowling and baseball but I’m a little annoyed that this isn’t a full on sequel to *Resort*. Flying that little plane around and shooting balloons had no business being that fun.