Could “reUmagined” Nintendo 64 HD Games Be on the Way? According to a Rumor on the Internet: Maybe!

"Fingers Crossed For Superman 64!!!" - Nobody Ever

by Ray on

If a link some dude on Tumblr shared is to be believed, the Wii U will soon play host to a plethora of visually upgraded N64 titles. This information being completely unconfirmed, details are of course fairly scarce but here’s a few anyway that will mostly likely turn out to be utter horseshit.

  1. The relatively short development time required to slap a coat of HD on these things will help fill in the (year-long) gaps between major original releases.
  2. Much like the recently released Wind Waker HD, these titles will feature additional content and possibly even a few design tucks here and there.
  3. Each game will set you back $30 bucks and be sold only through the eShop. Yeeeah I don’t know, that pricing seems more than a little steep to me. Only Super Mario 64 is “known for sure” to be included in this series and the inside source goes on to spill a few tidbits about what kind of gameplay tweaks can be expected.

From the actual post:

– Both Mario and Luigi can be controlled at the same tie in a new 2-player mode.

– Option A gives player one, GamePad control and player two, any other controller option. The camera will follow the brothers as they move throughout the stage, but should they split apart too far, the GamePad user’s Lakitu (camera operator) will only follow that user on the controller’s screen, while the second player’s Lakitu will follow that character on the TV.

– Option B allows two GamePads to be used at once. If the brothers are nearby, the camera will remain the same on both GamePads and TV. If the brothers separate, each player will have his or her own unique camera view on their GamePad, until coming back together. While apart, however, the TV screen can be switched to be mimicking either player one or player two or be a top down perspective, map.

– Online cooperative/counter-cooperative gameplay is present.

– Race to Star, Coin Collector, and other similar modes have been added in to enhance re-playability.

Sounds good but will this all pan out? Probably not! Meanwhile for those of you wondering what the hell a plethora is…