Nintendo gets around to bundling Mario, Luigi with Wii U

by John "ANC" Barnes on

“Obviously, Nintendo is doomed,” says Michael Pachter, probably

On the heels of a recent fifty dollar price cut and a limited-edition Zelda-themed system bundle with Wind Waker HD, Nintendo have announced their next salvo of savings in the battle to get people all frothy about Wii U: a bundle featuring New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U on one disc included with the system. Truly, this is our 9/11the Year of Luigi.

The new Mario & Luigi Deluxe Set will replace the Deluxe Set that features Nintendo Land, available since launch, at retail. In addition, Nintendo Land is getting an MSRP drop to $29.99, only a tenth of what the system costs. What a steal! Both of these things happen on November 1st, which conveniently is the day new Wii Remote Plus controllers themed after Mario and Luigi also hit retail.

[![I'm holding out for a yellow Toad one.](/images/ml-controllers.jpg?resize=315%2C427)](/images/ml-controllers.jpg)I’m holding out for a yellow Toad one.
The only downside to the bundle? No bright green case for *Luigi U*. I’m more conflicted about that than a grown man should be.

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