Pokemon X and Y Sell FOUR MILLION COPIES IN TWO DAYS. Nintendo Now “Only, Kinda Sorta Doomed.”

by Ray on

While Wii U sales figures remain in a dead heat with our site’s hit stats, the 3DS keeps chugging along just fine. As you can no doubt tell from the headline, the two most recent installments in the long running Pokemon franchise have made cash registers around the world burst into flames this past week. I mean seriously, who the hell knew those little pocket monsters were still so damn popular? The children that’s who. With an increasingly outstanding library of titles already available and a little game featuring some broad named Zelda on the holiday horizon, Nintendo’s 3D portable shows no signs of slowing down. And the 2DS only just came out too!

AYE, come on Nintendo let’s get on that collectible Pokemon Battle AR card game already, omg.