A Nintendo Direct Presentation Recap (11.13.13) Some New Trailers and Nintendo FINALLY Unifies 3DS and Wii U eShop Accounts!

by Ray on

Haha. Yeah No, Not Really.

Today’s peek at upcoming software for Nintendo’s systems leans heavily on the 3DS side, but that’s ok right? I mean, only one major software title for their struggling home console is more than enough to satisfy gamers throughout the Holiday Season don’t you think? And no I’m not counting Wii Fit U or the Wii Sports Club downloads as significant Wii U releases because no one wants those. It’s clear that Nintendo is relying on a wide variety of fancy bundles along with Super Mario 3D World to deliver in the living room while their 3DS portable is overflowing with high quality gaming options! sigh

Let’s just get to it: Here are today’s highlights to spare you having to sit through Bill Trinens’ bland cracker-ass.

One Last Look at the New Zelda that Will Probably Make You Want to Play the New Zelda:
At this point, I’m sure no sane 3DS owner out there needs to be convinced that buying something with the word *Zelda* printed on the box is a good idea. But just to be on the safe side, here’s one final video clip to chew on before the game hits store shelves in T-Minus 9 days and counting.
Mario Party: Island Tour Comes Out the Same Day as New Overhead Zelda and Mario Platformer Games:

Which of course means it’ll be the game that winds up royally pissing off kids on Christmas morning. But actually, who knows? I’ve never played an entry in the Mario Party series due to severe social anxiety so maybe there are plenty of well adjusted 3rd graders out there that can’t wait to get their hands on this thing. Have fun being “cool” you little bastards.

Professor Layton and the THAT MUSIC IS PRETTY:

This is the last installment of the second trilogy of Layton games and I really wish I could get into this stuff because I’m certainly drawn to it. AHEM I know absolutely nothing about the overall storyline in this series but have played a puzzle out of context here and there and it was pretty fun. I know people that absolutely adore this franchise so I’m happy that they have more to look forward to. Layton seems like a cool dude.

As For That Bit About 3DS and Wii U Accounts Finally Linking Up:

Unfortunately it basically entails that via an upcoming system update, your balances for either system can now be combined by syncing up a Nintendo Network ID for your 3DS with that of your Wii U. Which is pretty cool I guess but the hope for a true universal account that would allow gamers to play any games they buy for one system on both consoles still lingers. I guess this is at the very least a step in the right direction because if nothing else, it will help alleviate confusion for those senior citizens in your family that have no idea which gift card to buy you for Christmas.

Here is a “Sizzle Reel” of Other Upcoming 3DS Downloadable Games That You Can Watch:
Along with having the best title, *Shovel Knight* looks like the most fun of the bunch. *SHOVEL. KNIGHT.*
And Now, Some Wii U Love:

Prefacing the following clip, President of NOA Reggie Von Fils-Aime mentioned the words “spoiler alert” and “unlockable” which was enough to make me cover my eyes and ears. After last month’s 6 minute preview, I’ve been on full media blackout but in case you can’t help yourself go ahead and have a look.

But seriously, you shouldn’t.

Come on, there’s less than ten days people.

Fine. Go ahead.

But Wait, There’s More:
It’s true! Like the selfish lazy piece of shit that I am, I’ve only written about the stuff that caught my attention. There’s *plenty* of additional info to be found on other new games (including some RPG by Square or whatever) and various system upgrades if you’d like to watch the entire clip for yourself. Which you should if you want to!