Holidorks Musical Advent Calendar 2013: Wii Wiish U a Merry I already feel bad about that pun

by John "ANC" Barnes on

Hey, I just saw Disney’s Frozen today. It was pretty good! Aside from this calendar and some baked goods, it’s also the only thing that’s gotten me sort of into the spirit of the season. Living in Southern California already makes it a bit of an uphill battle, what with “cold” being around 60 degrees in the daytime and the rare dip to just touching freezing overnight. That’s never been a huge problem before, though. Just not feeling it this year, sadly.

But some kids will really get into the spirit this year when they find the home of today’s selection under the tree!

A fairly aggressive advertising campaign and [a knockout system bundle](http://nintendorks.net/2013/10/nintendo-gets-around-to-bundling-mario-luigi-with-wii-u/) are gonna shove this *New Super Mario Bros. U* tune into the heads of a bunch of little squirts this winter, BWAHs and all.

And with that, I believe we finally have representation for all of Nintendo’s non-portable systems from the calendar! Will we see perhaps see something from Radar Scope before the month is out? Stay tuned!

Calendar background is this photo, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution-ShareAlike terms.