Holidorks Musical Advent Calendar 2013: Diddy All the Way.

by Ray on

There’s a good chance more than a couple of clips from Diddy Kong Racing for Ye Olde N64 will pop up this month and here we are with the first. In their heyday, Rare were absolute geeks when it came to Christmas, often packing their games with all sorts of nods to the holiday (Just check out this code from Donkey Kong Country 3 as one example). Today’s theme is extremely Christmasy and while pretty great, still isn’t my favorite track from this popular kart racing game. That’s still to come. Until then please pour yourself a nice, warm cup of cider and get into none other than…

…”*Walrus Cove*!” Wooooot!!!

Don’t you miss the old Conker‘n Banjo days? Just look at those furry little rascals.