Holidorks Musical Advent Calendar 2013: Earthbound and Down.

by Ray on

Y’know, I’ve never liked RPG video games but have to admit that many of them absolutely kill it when it comes to presentation. Especially back during the SNES golden days when the graphics and sound in a lot of those top shelf entries were absolutely mindblowing to a tweenager. I may not want to sit and play them myself, but I will so watch someone muscle their way through a Chrono-Thingie or Mana-Whatever given the chance. Which brings us to today’s selection: A track from probably the most high profile piece of software on the Wii U’s Virtual Console!

No, not Brawl Bros. Silly.

This clip is called “*Snowman (Snow Wood Boarding House)*” and taken from *Earthbound* for the SNES, which was and still is quite a catch for the eShop. Physical copies of the game have been notoriously pricey to come by for years so a ten dollar asking price for an HD port is clearly a no-brainer. I still haven’t managed to convince anyone to play through the entire thing since downloading it months ago though but *whatever*.