What Did You Play? Nobember 2013

by John "ANC" Barnes on

For a few years now I’ve been posting a monthly thread (with a few hiccups) in the forums for people to list the games they played in the previous month and reflect upon/say something about them. It’s actually provided an interesting insight into everyone’s playing habits over time, like the fact that I often play a shitload of games for brief moments, leading to a staggering ADD-addled playlist that doesn’t reflect how most of my time was probably spent on 2 of them. This wasn’t one of those months. Anyway, from now on I’m UPGRADING this feature to the front page, since comments go directly to the forum anyway. Have fun, children!

October thread har.

Super Mario 64 – I always forget that damn rabbit has 2 stars. First time I’ve gotten all 120 in the original version! I’ve managed 150 in the DS port, but that’s lame because they never put anything on top of the castle to replace Yoshi, since you can play as him.

Rocket: Robot on Wheels – Before people cared about Sucker Punch they made this game. Had it sitting around for a while and since the Nintendo 64 feels appropriate for the holiday season for various reasons, decided to cross it off the list. Had to look up a couple of the devious tickets but got everything. Fun B-list platformer with the unique-at-the-time use of physics.The bat motorcycle is awesome.

Mario Kart 64 – Boy I kinda suck at this particular one. Thought I had made some progress in it previously but the cart listed no trophies won. Probably got erased.

Metroid Prime Pinball / Kirby Brawl Ball (Kirby Mass Attack) / Pinball Arcade – Old faithful. Finally cleared Battle for the Kingdom in Medieval Madness on PA. Also had the opportunity to play a real Twilight Zone machine for the first time ever.

Spelunky – DAILY CHALLENGES NOW ON PS3! I haven’t cleared it since then 🙁

La Mulana – More cave-exploring-whipping action! Man the music in this game rocks. I’ve just barely dipped my toes in it but it’s shaping up to be really fun. Not that that’s a surprise to anyone who’s heard people talk about it before.

Now then, what all did YOU play?