What Did You Play? Countdown to DKC 20th Anniversary Edition (January 2014)

by John "ANC" Barnes on

No lie, Donkey Kong Country (and Super Metroid, and a host of other games) came out in 1994. As I was typing that out my skin turned to dust and I became a skeleton.

**Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer


Procedural death labyrinth madness continues! I’ve had some really stupid deaths in Spelunky, which according to the Internet means I’m playing correctly.

Super Hexagon

Only Hexagonest (Hyper) left to conquer! It took me 3 hours to beat the first two levels, then 11 to beat Hexagonest, and the pattern looks like it will repeat again with the Hyper levels. That is, whenever I get back to it.

F-Zero GX

Slowly working back towards unlocking everything for the second time. Master Class is tough, but not as tough as the earlier games. Story Mode is where this one’s a kick in the balls.


Kirby’s Pinball Land**

Game Boy A-Go-Go!

Pinball Arcade

Not so much progress and score-shattering this time. Season 2 just finished up on PS3 and I only have a couple tables from it, so I’m looking forward to plunking down for the rest sometime in the future and injecting some fresh tables into the game.

If I think of more I’ll reply with them. Spent a lot of time watching others play games as well, which was surprisingly entertaining. Meanwhile: What did YOU play?