What Did You Play? My Ennui Is Showing (February 2014)

by John "ANC" Barnes on

I am way late on this, partly because my memory is shot, and partly because… well, maybe I didn’t play a whole lot, or a whole lot that I really cared about. Hell, I’m even re-using a recent image for this post because it’s appropriate enough. But some of you probably want to discuss what you played, maybe, so I apologize for only thinking about me. Me me me me me me me.


Spelunky, Pinball Arcade

Daily challenges here and there, and uh maybe one win? Then on the pinball side of things I started playing Genie and paying closer attention to the rules. That 3 million point goal is going to take some doing.

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance

Picked this up again for some reason. It’s about as by-the-numbers as the Metroid-esque Castlevania games get, but still fun. And then I got lost and now have no idea where to go next.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

With Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection coming to an end in a couple months, I decided I had to get at least one more online match in with this one, even if it was a public 2-minute match. I did, and it was fun, and I even won a couple rounds. Hooray!

Excitebike: World Tour

No one is playing this online. I did reacquaint myself with how GREAT it feels, though.

Ghost Squad

Ran through this for the first time after having it for a few months. Pretty fun port of the arcade game, even all by myself on a 14″ TV in the dark. Alone, so alone.

Robotron X

A version of this made it to the N64, but I found the PC version at a thrift shop. It’s alright, though the camera could have been better. Nice soundtrack, though, and it’s all in regular CD format, too.

Mario Party: Island Tour

Haha, just kidding. Did ANYBODY play this at all? I’m genuinely curious. And bad at my non-paying job.

There was more, but that about does it for highlights. What did YOU play (yes, you!)?