The Game Boy Just Turned 25 and You Know What That Means

by Ray on

Holy S#!%, You Are OLD.

The first thought that crosses my mind when thinking of the year 1989 is the lie I spread around town that Summer about not blinking once during the entire run time of Tim Burton’s original Batman. The second is remembering how often I could never figure out where I left my Game Boy only to find my Grandmother in some tucked away corner of the house white knuckling a game of Tetris (which consistently worked in my favor as I could always guilt her into buying more batteries). There are a lot of memories that I have associated with this little machine and most of them have to do with not being bought any of the games that I really wanted coughTMNT:Fall of the Foot Clancough But we’re not here to dwell on such traumatic childhood experiences! Instead let us celebrate this milestone by discussing our favorite moments from the many wonderful hours Nintendo’s first foray into cartridge based portable gaming had to offer.

Enjoy your quarter-life crisis Game Boy and you, dear reader please enjoy the following (I believe the phrase is “radical”) commercial:

Happy Birthday, you old brick you.