Comment About Nintendo’s Virtual Console Becomes Celebrated by Nintendorks Staffer

by Travis Woodside on

There is a lot of frustration about Nintendo at the moment, even from those who love the company. I, myself, am a big Nintendo fan. A Nintendork, if you will. Yet I can see that Nintendo is making some very big mistakes with how they handle the Wii U. Mistakes that are so obvious you’d swear they were being run by management at Sega.

So it is with great respect that I honor an individual who commented on a piece over at Polygon regarding the state of Nintendo’s “Virtual Console” program. His name is Mr Daaark. The three A’s illustrate his excellence with the written word. Let’s see what he had to say about the Virtual Console.

“If only Nintendo would hurry up and give Nintendo permission to sell Nintendo’s games in Nintendo’s shop.” – Mr Daaark