Local Man Drowns in Pool of Liquidated Cartridges

by Travis Woodside on

Nintendorks forum member and website designer (who might be staff now?), Garret P. Evanovich, has a collection of video games that are a burden on his heavy heart. “They are in boxes,” he said once. “I don’t even play them.”

However, the recent popularity of decluttr piqued his curiosity. He dared to see how much he could “sell” his old video games for. While the trade in numbers shall remain confidential, it was looking like Mr. Evanovich would make upwards of 3-400 dollars in cold hard currency. But what began as curiosity over how much his collection was worth has turned into a nightmare of intense deliberation.

“The worst thing,” said Evanovich, “is that all these Nintendo games that will sell for pretty good are the games I won’t entertain getting rid of.” He later commented that his 360 collection would sell for so little that if he really wanted to get a Wii U he’d have to turn to a life of crime. Street crime.

“I feel like I’m drowning,” he did not say but totally thought. “If I sell these games I will get so little, but I keep them I will drown in cartridges and discs. And if discs break they are sharp.”

Have any of our readers felt the burn of video game resale? Have any come across a rare game that they were able to flip over for “juicy moolah?” Did you take New Super Mario Bros. Wii to gamestop, knowing you’d never play it again, and weep openly as you got a quarter and a pat on the back? Share with us.