What Did You Play? Everyday I’m shovelin’ (June-July ’14)

by John "ANC" Barnes on

A fairly light recent couple of weeks gaming-wise for me, as I’ve been reading books and watching movies instead for some reason. Maybe I am dying.

I’ve certainly been dying in one of the games!

Shovel Knight – One of those games where you can tell the people who made it gave a damn. There are plenty of games where some of the people who made them gave a damn, but it isn’t evident in the final product. It’s always refreshing to see the other kind. The 3D is nicely implemented on the 3DS version. Filled with detail and humor and solid platformer gameplay.

Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden – Finally getting around to this one, since a sequel is due sometime in the next year (targeting the end of this one, but you know how game release dates are.) Haven’t played very far yet, in fact only made it about 2 battles in, but how does something with such a ridiculous premise end up coming together so well? It is a mystery.

Spelunky – Don’t remember the last time I actually beat it. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME????

What have YOU been playing lately?