What Did You Play? December 2014 Year End Wrap-Up

by John "ANC" Barnes on

I don’t remember.

Okay that’s not true. Welcome to 2015, where the Wii U has games, apparently. But alas, I am without Wii U. Please let me live vicariously through your adventures.

Spelunky – Yeah okay you should probably just take this one for granted now. I still occasionally come across a new and hilarious way to die.

Pinball Arcade – I am so close to finishing the wizard goals for the tables I own (Season 1 and the first few packs in season 2)! I told myself I’d wait until finishing them to buy any more tables, but I’m so close and there’s a 50% sale on PSN this week… and fuck Harley Davidson and the Milwaukee goal.

Super Mario 3D Land – After plowing through the first half of the game to rescue Peach (spoilers) I’ve sort of dawdled a bit through the special worlds. Whether it’s because my expectations for a Mario game have been tempered or because it’s just that damn good, I’ve loved pretty much all of it. I’ve reached the last world and unlocked the first couple of levels at this point.

Hatoful Boyfriend – If you’re a huge nerd and passingly familiar with the trappings of dating sims or the Japanese high school experience as filtered through anime/Persona 3 or 4, you should give this a shot. Take those things, filter them down to the broadest bits, and turn everyone except the player into birds (What) and… something. I’ve gotten two endings so far; you can play through a path in one sitting easily, even more so after the first time.

And that’s the bulk of it, with bits of Vib-Ribbon, Deadly Creatures, and, uh, some other garbage I’m sure. Coming soon after I hit Publish on this, a link to each of the last twelve months of what you’ve played! Maybe. Or just click the damn tag.

RIP Club Nintendo calendars, I’ll always love you.