Harder to buy than an NES Classic: Nintendorks.com

by Brandon on

I’m not going to name names or point fingers, but about five(?) years ago Jonathon 100% dropped the ball, and is totally at fault for forgetting to renew the domain registration for the nintendorks**.com** URL.

You can guess what happened: someone in South Korea swooped in and bought it, and wanted to charge 5 grand for it, and I quickly reserved the .net domain to keep the ship afloat–making us sound like a skeezy site that discussed videogame stuff instead of a videogame site that discussed skeezy stuff.

I would check back periodically (even set calendar reminders), and the price was always comically higher than what I would pay to get the .com back, then I kind of stopped caring, because .net wasn’t THAT bad…

Then I got a weird email out of the blue from a strange @aol.com account asking “what my intentions were” for nintendorks.com. I didn’t reply, but it got me thinking to check about buying the domain back, but before I could do anything Justin messaged me with a surprise that HE bought it! From someone in Japan, I think. He said he felt dirty typing .net whenever he went to the forum, and I can’t blame him.

tl,dr: Nintendorks.com is back home. You can update your bookmarks if you want. Thanks, Justin!