Nintendorks Radio Episode 89: The Gritty Reboot

by Justin on


Some show notes:

  • This episode is dedicated to the memory of C.J. Mittica, who is alive and well, but we just didn’t remember to mention him in this podcast.
  • Carl Johnson appeared as an extra in Spider-Man (2002)
  • Blast Corps (pronounced like an apple “core”) was an N64 game made by Rare
  • Spearmint Rhino is a notorious Gentleman’s Club in L.A.
  • The Inn Towne Hotel was located at 913 S Figeroa St in L.A.
  • is now closed, but a core group of fans are huddled together at



Justin, Eric, and Brandon

P.S – In the header image – Left: The Olsen Twins, Scott Fink. Left Bottom: C.J. Mittica (covering Mr. Face). Middle: Brandon Dehart, Jonathon Miller, Scott Delbango, [Friend of Jonathon], Carl Johnson, Justin Whirledge, Eric Denney, Drew Carey. Middle (bottom row): Scott Fink, [Friend of Jonathon]. Right: Eric Denney, Peter Main (holding Nintendorks Condom)