WRCs 03-29-08

by Brandon on

The W stands for “Weekendtastic.”

With all of our modern science, why do we still need to wear special shows at bowling alleys? – Mark

Brandon: What kind of special shows? Like magic?

D – That’s the way it begins

A – I’m the second letter in

I – I am the third

and L is the fourth letter of this word

Y – I’m at the end

This DRC is sendin’ in.


That’s theorhetically what these are supposed to be. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: Your math is fucked.

Hey look, something to not update!


Brandon: Hey look, a DRC to delete! Wait…dammit!

Can we make new site banners now? – llamapalooza

Brandon: Did you miss the thread? You could have since the beginning of time (not literally).

Poop – Selendrile

Brandon: Oh how I’ve missed you.

Sunday morning gave me the clap 🙁 – let_it_roll

Brandon: What the hell kind of church do you go to?

Of course I was drunk…….on love……and beer. – CellPhoneGuy

Brandon: Which came first, love or beer? I don’t mean that night, I mean in THE UNIVERSE.

So, does this mean we’ll see the return of Bmano? – CNE

Brandon: Only if he remembers his secret code.

Oddly enough, my biggest concern with Brawl online multiplayer isn’t friend codes are the inability to see if anyone is online until you go all the way to the game lobby. No, my biggest problem is when we’re having some great matches and then JP comes to LAG US ALL and I can’t kick him.

I’m sorry, JP, but jeez. LAG. – Boris Stoke

Brandon: His Wii is drunk on firewater.

Have you noticed that in spectator mode, Brawl uses red vs. blue? I think someone is owed some royalties… – Dewey

Brandon: I think Valve has enough money.

Brandon, what have you been doing all this time the DRCs have been away? – Yasar

Brandon: Thank you for asking! I’d say about 65% of it was playing World of Warcraft, 10% was wondering if I’d get the site back up to answer DRCs, 15% was spent NOT answering DRCS, and 9.95% was spent playing Wii and/or 360. The remaining .05% was wondering how you were doing, how are you?!

The other day in the afternoon I noticed the sun shining through my window, and I began to sing “Sunshine on my Shoulder”. It almost made me cry. – Gato

Brandon: I don’t believe you.

I miss my coins. I’d finally saved up for the Master Sword, but I still needed the damn shield! Can this new site have coins? – mfenig

Brandon: No.

Dear Abby,

Sometimes when I’m masturbating, I have this very strong urge to blow my brains out. I’m talking about with a gun. I just really want to shoot myself. But it’s one of those feelings that I only really get into when I’m getting very close, and then after I finish, I don’t want to do it anymore. Why does my desire subside afterwards?

Thanks, I really hope you can answer my question. – Just Into Suicidal Masturbation

Brandon: Your desire subsides because you already shot your load.

I had no idea how much I missed the DRCs until I read that first batch. Everything is right in the world now. Y’know, excluding all that stuff that isn’t. – Hamster

Brandon: You don’t have to be so racist, geez.

Finally, the DRCs are back. I have nothing worthwhile to say here. – Hungrywolf

Brandon: I was about to delete this, but I’m gonna let it slide.

Man, I hate wireless connections, this shit refuses to work right on my computer!

But the Wii is okay!

Hey Brandon, you ought to come hang out at our new apartment on friday. We can go to Applebees. I have a gift card. And a loving touch. – Stolle

Brandon: Oh crap, I’m answering this on Saturday! I should have done these sooner! Damn you, DRCs, daaaaaaaaaaaammmmn yoooooou! If that invitation still stands, I’ll be there at a later date.

Words can’t describe the feelings surging inside of me now that the DRCs are back. I will celebrate by reinstating an old Nintendorks cliche. Nevermind, I’m too lazy to do that. – notquitetony

Brandon: That’s the spirit. This DRC was very good.


I feel giddy like a schoolgirl now that these are back!

Don’t you dare disappoint us. – Dom

Brandon: Place your bets.

I’m not sure if I still remember how to do this “right”. I’m excited. The room is dark. My heart is racing, my palms are sweating, and I’m probably just going to send this too soon and frustrate you. But I lov – Jai Deliete

Brandon: I’ve seen that giant TV. There’s no way your room is dark. P.S. Panthera is the man.

60’s, 70’s or 80’s? – Yahiko

Brandon: 70s, duh.

My life wasn’t the same without Nintendork DRCs. The same old crap became different crap, and now the new crap is back to the same old crap! Thank heavens! – fearsomepirate

Brandon: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

The DRCs whence I sprang, to the DRCs I return.

This feels like Christmas. – Panthera

Brandon: Hey I just called you “the man” oh captain my captain.

I tried to register for the forum like 3 weeks ago but Stumpy has yet to activate my account.

In retaliation I have thrown a sack full of puppies, kittens and orphans into a lake. May their tiny screams haunt you. – BallZthe3rd

Brandon: I tend to delete accounts with retarded names…numbers, alternating caps/lowercaps, Z instead of s…I don’t remember your name, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I deleted it.

The Mr. Face or the rotating banner image needs to link back to the site’s home page, because there is no way to get back home other than the back button. – Anal Web Interface Design Guy

Brandon: Is the “Today” link too hard to click on? Should I change it so it says “CLICK HERE because it will return you to the homepage if you’re an anal web interface design guy?” Sorry, those images are backgrounds, and not images to click on, so no link for you.

I was walking to class today and I saw this black guy wearing a Wii hoodie, I didn’t know da blacks played Wii! – Clay

Brandon: Ay you can’t say dat!

Finally the drc’s are back, the only real reason I used to visit this site. That and my love for nerdy white guys and their sometimes witty comments. – Saleem

Brandon: You are the worst compliment-giver in the universe.

I made a Facebook “fan” page. I don’t want to post this on the forum because it would be like tooting my own horn.

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nintendorks/10087868730?ref=mf – The T

Brandon: I thought already was a Nintendorks facebook page? Or was that a group and this is a fan page? I’m so apathetic.

So who do I have to stab to get The Bag back up and running? – EmeraldTheMaster

Brandon: Everyone not sending in “serious” questions. STAB THEM ALL.

Aw gee. You guys are like that lunch table in high school that wouldn’t let me sit with them because I didn’t play Magic the Gathering. – unhappy harry

Brandon: I’m going to go out on a limb and guess pretty much everyone wouldn’t let you sit with them during lunch.

I found this really sweet and awesome house in Nashville, now I just need to find one more potential roommate. Oh, I hope I find him. – graddy

Brandon: …or her?

You made my day man. – Peel

Brandon: Did I, punk?

In a half hour I’m going to pick up a Wii (also maybe a new Xbox controller with a non-shitty headset-interference ability)and enjoy all that is Brawl.

Celebration. – Mecha

Brandon: You’re going to have a good time tonight.

All you ever do is play Culdcept Saga. What the fuck does that even mean? It makes me think of dead end roads in crowded neighborhoods. – Hellboy

Brandon: Go play more Scene-It, why don’t you.

Is this chat page from 1998? I mean, Compuserve?

P.S. http://www.web-irc.org/ – Gemini

Brandon: Huh oh…that looks like work. Why do you hate me.