DRCs 04-01-08

by Brandon on

Haha, these aren’t daily at all! April fools!

To be honest, I was questioning the overall value of the DRCs with such a vibrant board culture, but ultimately, the DRCs are way better.

Welcome home.

And I can’t believe you didn’t post my awesome camp song, you son of a bitch! – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: I did post it. Shows how much you know.

I am very broke. I have to decide between buying a Wii or going to Dorkfest. What would you do in my situation? – Mark

Brandon: Go to Dorkfest and beg people to give you money for a Wii.

Add me to Brawl: 2492-3842-6949.

Reply with your FC. Unless you’re not going to do the next DRC until Duke Nukem Forever releases. – Mighty Warlord, Premier Bush

Brandon: See that link on the left that says “Datadorks?” You should click on it.

Procrastination is fun. Why’d you stop?

Maybe one of these days I’ll stop procrastinating and reacquaint myself with the message board. Maybe. – Orange Soda

Brandon: If you need to find me I’ll be right over there on the edge of my seat.

The blue lagoon is a shitty movie. – pondslider

Brandon: But it was a sensuous story of natural love!

I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly… – Ron Burgandy

Brandon: I want to be on you.

Nintendorks without shoddilly written and horribly unupdated review pages is no Nintendorks for me. Hrmph. – Wippersnapper

Brandon: I can’t tell if that’s good or bad.

The drcs are back up, and my life once more has meaning. How can I ever repay you? Maybe if you give me your bank account number I’ll think of something. – Bmano

Brandon: Seeing your name is repayment enough.

I’ve grown body hair since the last DRC. – Jeff

Brandon: I know you have, little Jeffy. I know you have…

f-yeah to the drcs returning. so…uh…how have you been? – MEKsLP

Brandon: Good, thanks.

Ok, I have to plug one of my favorite new games: MoH: Heroes 2. Seriously, this is console fps controls at their absolute finest! There is a bit of a learning curve, but at this point I prefer it to keyboard and mouse! Also, players can go online and have deathmatches, team deathmatches, and capture the flag games. I’ve added the game to Datadorks, and I hope some more people pick it up and play it. The controls, I tell you, the CONTROLS! – Eldaron

Brandon: I have it, and you’re right, it’s a fantastic shooter for the Wii. The story mode was cool, and the controls were DEAD-ON. As good if not better than Metroid Prime 3. I played quite a few online matches, and those were pretty fun too. But, as Boris noted in the latest Nintendorks Radio episode, I haven’t played as much (at all) since getting into Call of Duty 4.

Brandon: In your view, how accurate is the “absent-minded professor” stereotype? Please advise. – Andrew

Brandon: Probably not as accurate as Donald Sutherland’s role in Animal House.

I went to gamestop the other day. They had a kiosk set up with brawl, it was using the awkward nun-chuck controls so i didn’t want to fight. so I did what anyone would do. I made a penis shaped level, then made sure that it was in the random level list. Good times – nerdmann

Brandon: Haha, nice. But I like the nunchuck + wiimote, so there.

What a coincidence, I don’t want Ryan anywhere near my penis! – hero

Brandon: Search your feelings.

Don’t hold back man! It takes 30 repetitions to make something a habit. Daily, daily, daily.

Also, you need a DRC link in the sidebar. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: I have to admit I’m getting more comments than I predicted. I also have to admit I put that link there before reading this, so don’t go thinking you can get away with telling me what to do.

This picture gives me a woody. – Ice Queen

Brandon: Welcome back.

Damn man, this is a Thing. DRCs are back. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever get over this.

Thank God they weren’t around in 2007 though. What a shit of a year. – ineptitude

Brandon: I don’t know, The Bourne Ultimatum was pretty sweet.

Where did Jonathan Miller go?

P.S. I challenge you to a Starcraft rematch – The man behind NGenres

Brandon: I talked to him a week or so ago! Gave him an account to log in if he wanted to write something and everything. But he’s doing fine, got married, and is all grown up. Let’s wait until StarCraft 2.

You misspelled “Wiikend.” 😛 – Ray64 (formerly highllama)

Brandon: Shame on me.

Who’s that Pokém- – IT’S PIKACHU!!

Brandon: Hahaha. I came very close to making that an item on the main page, but for everyone else who hasn’t seen it, here you go.

Apparently, I’m an asshole. – EnviousThought

Brandon: WHAT YOU DO?!

First person to put their coment in the name field and their name in the coment field – Hurray! I’m the first person to put their coment in the name field and their name in the coment field!

Brandon: This is truly a great day for you! For the rest of us, not so much.

No, Hellboy’s right; you need to get on some Burnout instead of Culdcept Saga all the time. – llamapalooza

Brandon: I still hop on from time to time to drive around in my gold-plated car, but trust me, I’ll be back when those new islands open up.

Well considering that most of us Dorks won’t get laid without the aid of beer……..then beer most definitely came before love.

And then the next morning came an awkward goodbye as I lie about having to be at work.

I am sorry I left you like that. – CellPhoneGuy

Brandon: You SHOULD be.

So uh, how long until people get bored of sending in DRCs? – Jim

Brandon: How long until I get bored of DRCs like this?

We did play a lot of Warcraft didn’t we. Who was your favourite Orc Warrior? – Shakey

Brandon: I can’t remember…which one didn’t switch to Paladin?

Can we have flying Reggie head back? – Dom

Brandon: Hmmm…

I miss the floating reggie head. – Magihiro

Brandon: HMMMMMM…don’t get your hopes up, but maybe one day.

Curling. Does anybody else notice that the only sport women are good at is the one where you sweep and yell? – SerratedEdge

Brandon: I pictured you saying that with a can of beer in your hand. You will make a wonderful father.

I got a fortune cookie the other day that said, “Romance will come into your life this year in a very unusual way.” The site is back. Coincidence? – cocheese805

Brandon: Just be careful which part it comes into.

I went on a date last night! – guybrush100

Brandon: What fantastic details, thanks for sharing!

I’m well aware that you’re always playing Culdacept Saga because my Xbox tells me so. Now I’ve heard you say that it’s really good and all that jazz, but given that it is ultimately just a board game I’m amazed by the frequency in which you do play it.

Are you always involved in online matches or is there a solo mode that is somehow not boring? I’m entirely fascinated. – Boris Stoke

Brandon: I told Gemini yesterday I can’t stop playing the single-player mode…because at least three times I thought I beat the game, the story keeps going and I play 3 more boards. I can’t help it, I was a fan of Lost Kingdoms for the card deck stuff, and I’m a fan of this for the same reason. I’d say 40% I’m playing single-player, and 60% I’m playing versus my wife. I haven’t touched online, but I have touched my wife.

While you were gone, I bought a house. – Setzer

Brandon: This would have been more impressive if you built a house.

So when do we get to see the first Nintendorks World Exclusive of the new site? You should make some phone calls! – kevnt

Brandon: Haha good one.

Goddammit now if my DRC isn’t good enough I have to wait a whole week before I can see if the following one was any good. Thats too much pressure man. HOW IN THE HELL CAN I RELAX NOW?! – Refreshy

Brandon: Beer will help you relax. And masturbating. Masturbating with beer.

Not only is it physically impossible to get my TV into my room, if I DID get it in there I would have to make a serious choice between “Space for crap I neither need nor use” and “Space for TV”. I’m just too manly to be able to make that choice. And if you think the living room is my bedroom, you would be wrong (Not counting Drunk Tuesdays).

I can neither confirm nor deny that Panthera is the man. – Jai Deliete

Brandon: You could sleep on top of the TV. I bet it’s warm.

Don’t drink the coffee today. Stand-by for more instructions. – Future Brandon

Brandon: Nooooo it’s too late!

I decided to be cool and show up late to the DRC submission party. Where’s the cocaine and whores? – SquirrelGOD

Brandon: The cocaine is all gone and the whores are all dead. You showed up way too late.

I think Ryan’s gone gay(er?). We’ve all seen the signs (and it opened up our eyes). His running of that particular contest is just a thinly veiled preplanned excuse to deny it, but I see right through him (If we were talking about WoW this would be a good place for a rogue-see-through joke, but we aren’t so it isn’t. C’est la vie). What’s your take on the issue (I just wanted every sentence to end with something in parentheses)? – Opty

Brandon: He does care about his hair an awful lot…(rogues do it from behind).

Hi, Brandon. I’m just here to wish you and the Nintendorks staff a Weekendtastic Sunday. How’d you guys spend such a fantastic day? – Villian on the Cover

Brandon: You sure are polite for a villain! My weekend was great, thanks for asking!

Well, I think I’ve officially entered “Gamer Savings Time.” I haven’t picked up Smash Bros yet, as I’m still trying to work my way through games I got for Christmas! This ever happen to you?

Next up for me: Metroid Prime 3. – Ruckdog

Brandon: With Smash Bros., the games I might be getting for my birthday, and GTA IV coming out shortly thereafter, I’m strongly considering holding off buying Mario Kart on release date.

So are we ever going to get the Vibes back? Cause those were awesome and I miss them dearly. – Thores

Brandon: We’ll see.invisible text