DRCs 04-07-08

by Brandon on

This wine is delightful.

I think the “Innerdorks” and “Outerdorks” should be changed to “Staff” and “Community” – Mark

Brandon: OH DO YOU.

Reading DRC’s used to be such a part of my life when I was in college, so now I’ll try posting them instead.

I was really just wondering if I’m the only person still calling the “Wii” the “Revolution,” and “wii-motes” “rev-motes” and what not. It really screws with the kids working at Gamestop. – PenguinRevolution

Brandon: I still call the N64 Project Reality!

So good to have you back. I’m not very good at Culdcept, we should play online so we can win! So you can win. That’s what I meant.

Oh shit is there a CoD4 Nintendorks clan? – A-Rob

Brandon: After kicking my wife’s ass in Culdcept last night she said half-joking she didn’t want to play anymore, so I may have to pursue other outlets… As for a CoD4 Nintendorks clan you can bet your sweet moneymaker there is! It’s nothing organized, but we all use [NDRK] to recognize each other and strike fear into at least 3 people.

OH SWEET HEAVENS dirty internet videos are the worst! Sex toys are not NOT NOT supposed to go there! I hate everything. – Wilkin

Brandon: You’re watching the wrong videos.

I wasn’t going to drink today, but I saw the DRCs were back. – Todd

Brandon: If ever there were a celebration to drink, it would be because it’s today.

My door was kicked in a few months ago and they stole my plasma. Here’s a good read for everyone: http://www.wikihow.com/Burglarproof-Your-Doors

I also hope you’re backing up your database this time! – Dazz07

Brandon: I am so sorry for your loss. What kind of car should my database be backing up in? OH SNAP, I just ended a sentence with TWO prepositional phrases. Suck on that, losers.

Hey Brandon, Mr Face won’t stop smiling at me. What can I do to get him to leave me alone? – Yasar

Brandon: Repent.

Do you miss me? – Rareware

Brandon: Nooooooooooot really. Viva Pinata was fun for a while, though.

Today your mission is to bang your wife harder than you ever have before. You’ll thank me in the future. – Future Brandon

Brandon: I’m still waiting to hear about the coffee incident!

Hey, whaddyou think of crying? – breaks out sobbing a lot

Brandon: I’m fairly certain I’ve said before that tears are a natural lubricant.

Everyone knows the D stands for Refreshy. – Refreshy

Brandon: That doesn’t even make sense. Oh crap wait, I guess it actually does, sorry.

I like that all these links give me a hope of content. Am I to assume that one day we’ll have content?Am I pushing my luck? – robotor

Brandon: You being on this planet is pushing your luck. Be thankful for what you have.

did you know, that this is the most amazing website in the world =] – Libby

Brandon: Welcome to 1997, they want their Phish records back.

Holy crap! You’re back! I’m so happy I’d like to kick you in the groin. – Ned the Head

Brandon: I’d prefer you didn’t; I only have one working testicle.

So, how long before you’re down again? – Hubris

Brandon: Down on what?

Any chance of the ‘dorks putting together a Brawl guide like the Melee one that used to be up?Haha what am I saying. – Chives

Brandon: You’ll have to ask them. That was 100% reader awesomeness that we simply linked to.

Five word review of Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol:Harvest Moon with robots? Awesome. – ANC

Brandon: That actually sounds kind of boring…you’d think robots would be able to perform manul labor tasks with extreme efficiency, therefore removing any sort of challenge.

De<3 – Eldaron

Brandon: I can’t decide if that’s cute or totally lame.

Wait a minute, you mean that Nintendorks once had a actual staff of people?How could you possibly get that many people to procrastinate at once? – EmeraldTheMaster

Brandon: My aura is level 6 with talent points to boost.

Sweet mother of camel toe; THE DRC’S ARE BACK! I planned on driving to the beach in Galveston but now I have to come up with something elegant, thought provoking, and slightly facetious for this momentous occassion…hmm..well…ermm… Oh fuck it, I’m going to get drunk!!! – Tex813

Brandon: Whoa, this is the weirdest freaking thing–I wish I was lying…actually I don’t because that would make me lame, but I SWEAR as I read your comment Sparklehorse’s “Galveston” was playing on my random iPod playlist. So that makes this reply infinitely more interesting than whatever the hell you were talking about.

Is Rocket Bar cool? I just moved to the area (Arlington), and I’m having trouble finding a non-hipster, non-douche, non-dance club bar where I can meet really, really beautiful girls. Do you have any suggestions? – nsavagedx

Brandon: I was about to recommend the Iota since you’re in Arlington, but you said non-hipster, and that place is mainly known for its live acts, so you’re guaranteed to run into hipsters there. Rocket Bar is pretty sweet mainly because it’s big enough that if douchebags show up they’ll be off in the corner wearing the ties and high-fiveing while talking on their cellphones. But if you’re looking for a good place downtown to play pool, shuffleboard, darts, or hell, even skee-ball, you can’t go wrong with Rocket Bar or its sister Buffalo Billiards in Dupont. Buffalo is more of the sports bar type, but they have shuffleboard, so it evens out.

There were all these secret channels in WoW, and I didn’t know about them? Gosh, WoW was just like high school. Well, I did know about the OMG channel. Very popular on Saturday morning. – Gato

Brandon: Also very STEAMY. With SECRETS.

I was just thinking it’d be cool if you got TMNT the Arcade Game on XBLA so that we could play it together. I’d even let you be any turtle you want. – Boris Stoke

Brandon: Donatello. And thanks.

I just got Oblivion on the 360 and Link insisted that our character be a female. No matter what I did in the character generator, she inevitably ended up looking like my mom. My mom is totally going to kick some ass. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: Any woman that put you in this world must have SOME strength.

You know, as long as you’re activating message board accounts, you should activate mine. I’ll even post things this time! And whatever happened to Carl anyways? Oh the good times he and I had through the vibe and drcs… – Bmano

Brandon: Consider yourself authorized. I can’t remember what happened to Carl…when I bought this house and invited staff out he couldn’t make it because he was working on a railroad documentary or something.

What’s this new Nintendorks Radio crap? As a purist, I say it can only be Satch and whatever forum member was drunk & near a phone that night. – ineptitude

Brandon: Anyone that calls himself a purist is instantly a moron.

I just beat guitar and vocals on Expert on Rock Band! I rock your face!P.S. If I ever hear Dead On Arrival again, I will take my own life. – SerratedEdge

Brandon: Suicide is a sin, you godless heathen.

I just stopped noticing TinyBruce. – Hungrywolf

Brandon: May God have mercy on his soul…