DRCs 04-08-08

by Brandon on

Two in a row…unprecedented.

Mick Jagger’s gyrating pelvis incites women to hysterics and must be stopped before it’s too late!Ike is my favorite character for 4 player matches, but he needs a stronger down-A attack – he’s useless in the air. – CijaroDSK

Brandon: You could always charge his down-B while falling!

Hey, I internet stalked a few previous staffers and found that Chris Csont is on the board of some film festival, and some Canadian named Jason Cole, who looks an awful lot like Jason Cole, came out of the closet. Cannot confirm / deny identity 100%, but it makes ya think (about sex with dudes). – Scott Delbango

Brandon: He did go on a lot about “special sauce” didn’t he?

Bob Dylan is the greatest musician of all time. – Yasar

Brandon: I’m afraid I can’t agree with that.

So I’m watching the movie “The Descent” have you ever seen it? It’s about these stupid chicks who go into a cave without a dude. Stupid girls. – stnbond7

Brandon: It sounds dumb and stupid.

More like Annual Reader Comments, am I right? Haha, because you rarely update, you get it? Oh man, that never gets old.Incidentally, how many more days of “holy crap you guys are back, it’s been so long” DRCs do you expect to get? – Enosis

Brandon: I’m pretty sure that joke was already old. How many more days should I expect to hear THAT?

Remember that video “All the things she said” by Tattoo seriously who does that……who ruins it by saying that they were pretending to be lesbians – Brettimus

Brandon: Hey, it’s t.A.T.u., and they are the greatest musicians of all time.

If i save up my candy allowance for a year i could get a 360, is it worth it? …also cocks. – Somedamnkid

Brandon: I don’t know, that’s a LOT of candy.

If you didn’t know it already there is a nifty interview with Malkmus in The Onion this week. – MEKsLP

Brandon: Hey cool, thanks! I think I’ll go read that instead of answering the rest of these…

What happens if I type something other than “drc” in the spam script box? Is it lost in the void of space? I tried last week with either “Brandon DeHart” or “vibe” but then I realized you’d either not get it or might not post it, what a fool am I! – Hamster

Brandon: …That interview was pretty good. I’m sorry, did you say something?

So I got a Xbox Live Vision Camera so I could map my face into Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and allow my Perfect Dark dreams to live vicariously through that specific title. So that was kind of cool…. but now there’s nothing to do with the camera anymore and it was probably a waste of money. – Boris Stoke

Brandon: I have the sudden urge to play Burnout Paradise with you!

What? Were you saying something? Look, I don’t speak Spanish. – Ron Burgundy

Brandon: I’m gonna be honest with you, that smells like pure gasoline.

Why did u not let me join message board?? Is it because I have a Mac or I am just too awesome? – DJM79

Brandon: I went to see if perhaps you weren’t activated yet, and you weren’t. But you used “u” instead of “you” so instead of activating your account, I deleted it.

BRANDON! Welcome back, old bean! It’s wondrous to see the return of the beloved DRCs! Oh, how I, the President of the Internet, have missed you! Now, I hate to get right down to business, but there is just the meager $2 charge to keep the magical internet energies flowing into the beloved Nintendorks website!…I’ll need your credit card number. Now. We don’t do Paypal, either. – The President of the Internet (Who is in no way affiliated with SquirrelGOD)

Brandon: I’m sorry but I already gave my credit card number to some dude in Nigeria. I’m still waiting on my exciting investment to return.

One day the spam scripts are gonna evolve, and they will start typing “drc” in the little box. – Villian on the Cover

Brandon: Then I will change the code! That’ll show ’em.

Hi, I was wondering why you don’t put an ad or two up, would help cover your costs and wouldn’t bother me, and probably most of us, in the least. Not a pop up ad or anything though. – marioismyuncle

Brandon: What about those awesome ads that make the entire page disappear, and you have to click that “Skip this ad” button on the upper right? Those are GREAT!

If you buy me a Wii, I will be your slave for a month. – Mark

Brandon: I already have a slave, and unlike you, we can file our taxes jointly.


You probably don’t get nearly as many of these as you used to. So when you don’t post mine, I know it’s because you’re singling me out.


Brandon: I’m actually getting MORE than I’m used to. iiiiiiiiiiiiiPHOOOOOONE!

Brawl tastes like happiness. – Selendrile

Brandon: And strawberries.

The new site is kind of throwing me off. I want to put that journalism degree to good use, so how do users contribute to the site again? Outerdorks? What does that even mean? Please help validate my spending billions of dollars on a (mostly) useless degree. – A-Rob

Brandon: Just before the site died (again), Chris was interested in starting up The Cellar again, so maybe that will get going sometime soon. I also said I may be looking for new blood soon, and I’m still thinking that.

If you look down your monitor from above and then scroll down, it feels like you’re falling! – Jonas

Brandon: I’d be lying if I said I didn’t just do that.

The coffee had mold in it. It was going to be too weird to explain, so I (you) decided to be blunt. Future Soybean didn’t let Past Soybean know soon enough.

Today, tie your shoes behind that one chick at work who usually wears shorter skirts. Sneak a peak. She’s not wearing any underwear. – Future Brandon

Brandon: Now I know you’re just full of shit! But I guess I would mess with me too if I could…

I’m afraid we may have angered the gods and spurred on a Rick Astley come-back tour!

HOLD ME! – Dom

Brandon: What do you mean “come back?” He was never gone!

Holy crap, I need to check the site more often. Yay, DRCs are alive again! – []!

Brandon: OH MY GOD!

What are ye sellin’? – The Merchant

Brandon: Have you got some good things on sale?

I was interested in Culdcept saga, but now it sounds like playing against you would be more frustrating than fun. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: It’s only 25 bucks today at Amazon! I read about that deal on this awesome message board I frequently visit.

Do you play CoD4 on steam or that heathen 360? If steam, we definitely need to kick some stranger ass sometime. Sometimes I hear a lonely crying in the night, but then I realize that it’s just Day of Defeat because I abandoned it. – hero

Brandon: I’m on the 360, sorry. I was this close to firing up Steam last night, but decided to answer DRCs instead. What the hell was I thinking.